Motorcycling in Malta

Updated: Feb 21

Maybe you know where Malta is, maybe you don't? If you don't it's here:

It's an island off the south coast of Italy. My bestie over here in Korea spent the spring/summer studying English there, which I took as a travel opportunity!

Finding a scooter to rent in Malta was easy. Finding a manual bike to rent was not so easy. After some searching we were lucky enough to find two Yamaha YBR125's at a place called Albert's Hiring Service. We rented for a total of 5 days and it was such a good decision.

Newme and I drove by the beach and saw all of the sites by motorcycle! We didn't have holder for our phones, so Newme did all the navigating through her headphones. A queen.

On our first day we even wore couple t-shirts with our couple bikes!

We went to the beach in Sliema;

We visited Mdina for some sightseeing and a food festival (I was very excited about the Slush Puppie);


And Comino Island!

Before heading off on my trip to I used Instagram to connect with a local rider in Malta. On our last day we woke up early and went on a small tour together. It was really amazing to have a local show us around.

To be honest, the roads were not in the best condition. There were a lot of pot holes and the surface of the road was slippery. If you are not an experienced rider I wouldn't recommend riding in Malta. However, if you feel comfortable on a bike already it is totally worth it! It was really convenient for traveling from place to place, and riding in a new country is always fun!

Until next tour; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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