From Coast to Coast; My First Half-Nation Tour: Part 2, Daegu>Busan

The second leg of the tour was Daegu to Busan. After a relaxing night at Newme's mom's house - we were off to Busan! It wasn't a long trip - about 130 km (200 mi) and 3 and half hours? We had gotten a route recommendation from a friend and decided to take the really scenic, winding route through the mountains. Halfway through our trip we even ended up at the same convenience store as a couple of people we knew from Seoul.

*** The really interesting thing about traveling in South Korea is that EVERYONE has the same days off. Everyone. In the entire country. Always. Has the same days off. Holidays, and only holidays. It is a rare treat for the common person to be able to "call in sick" or "take vacation". For this reason, traveling in South Korea can be a nightmare. Bus tickets, plane tickets, train tickets are all booked up months in advance. This is one of the advantages to riding far distances on vacation days. Everyone traveling on the same days also results in *running into people* on the road 600 km away from your house. ***

Since everyone was headed to the same destination, we decided to ride together to Busan. Once we got to Busan I was exhausted and very excited to check in to my AirBNB. My original plan was to rest that night and the entire next day ... (un)fortunately, that is not how it panned out!



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