From Coast to Coast; My First Half-Nation Tour: Part 2.5, Busan>Ulsan>Busan

Before heading on my trip I had contacted another motorcycle crew, MRMC, and a group that does monthly runs, South Run. I wanted to make the most out of my trip and make as many new friends as possible. These two groups did not disappoint! As soon as I arrived in Busan I got a call that a few members of MRMC and South Run were waiting for me! I got my shit together as quickly as I could and headed out.

Little did I know, about 10 people had been waiting for me to show up for HOURS. My bad. They were all really anxious to ride. So after some quick and awkward introductions we headed out on a ride.

Busan is another huge city in South Korea, so the roads were packed. However, we managed to make our way through the traffic and ended up at this really awesome bridge.

Both of these crews were extremely welcoming and did a great job showing me the best night riding spots in the Busan area. I was really grateful to everyone that came out to meet me.

The next day I decided to head to Ulsan to meet up with two riders that I had met the night before. Ulsan is about an hour and a half north of Busan. After riding for two straight days I was exhausted. I had originally planned on day 3 being my "rest day", but I was excited to check out anything and everything that I could, and these boys did not disappoint! These cuties spent all day showing me their favorite spots in Ulsan.

I went back to Busan that night with a really full heart. I sometimes still can't believe the people that my motorcycle has connected me to.



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