Danger Dames: Distinguished Gentleman's Ride [2018/09/20]

If you ride, or are interested in, classic motorcycles it's hard to avoid the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride! In it's sixth year, the Distinguished Gentleman's ride had over 94,000 riders participate worldwide. Every year riders gather together, on the same date, in their most dapper clothing and ride to raise money and bring awareness to men's prostate cancer. This year South Korea was one of the 92 countries that participated in this ride.

BT#, a local motorcycle goods store in Seoul, has hosted DGR for a few years. Last year was my first time attending and this year was my first time participating as a rider. Last year I attended on the back of a bike. Needless to say, this year was way more fun.

2017/09/24 @ Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Seoul, South Korea.

There is always a big turnout in Seoul and this year did not disappoint! However, for this one, I gathered some of the Danger Dames. We even designed and printed a scarf to wear with our dapper gear.

The above photos are courtesy of Yumee Kim and BT#.

It was really fun to bring the girl-game to this year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Seoul. Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!



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