Apparently, my way is NOT the highway.

I started my Saturday with really great hair. But as we all know, no good hair day can withstand a helmet ...

Anyway, the weather was really amazing. Myself and a friend headed from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do, Gwangju to visit Caffeine Sinhyeonri!

By motorcycle: 27 km (17 mi) and 50 minutes of riding delight.

I specified that this is a motorcycle distance because ...

Fun (not fun) fact! In South Korea it is illegal to drive a motorcycle on the expressway. So illegal, in fact, that I have had two fun (not fun) run-ins with the police on the expressway.

Fortunately! Due to the fact that it is illegal to drive motorcycles on the expressway the navigation apps have integrated an option to make it a little easier for riders. Depending on the app you use, you can chose a route that will avoid the expressway. Unfortunately! (and this is based on experience) Even if you use these functions it is quite (very) easy to make a mistake and drive onto the expressway.

So what do you do if you accidentally drive onto the expressway, you ask? If you think getting off at the first exit you see is the correct answer, then boy are you wrong! I also thought this. However, before you can even smell an exit someone has already called the cops on you. You have been caught on magical CCTV (it MUST have been a drone) and the toll booth lady is flagging you over and telling you to wait for the police to come. Before you know it, you're getting a ticket because you accidentally took the wrong exit. To be fair, the police were really nice and we got a ticket for approximately $40USD, as opposed to the standard (approximately) $300USD.

After this experience I vowed never to drive on the expressway again. I solemnly swore that I would read road signs more carefully and make the effort to listen to my navigation a little closer. Which brings me to a month later, when I ended up on the highway again! On the way to the Halloween with Danger Dames party I accidentally took the wrong exit. (Sometimes they are just SO CLOSE!) I immediately stopped and called the police on myself. I waited for 30 minutes to be escorted off of the highway by a lovely, bored police officer on a Saturday night. Luckily, because I called the cops on myself, I didn't get a ticket. However, it was recorded that I called. They even took a picture of my license...

I'm finding that situations like this find me often, or I find them? Things that are stressful and, well, kind of stupid.



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