4 Moto Brands I'm Crushin' On.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Just in time for Valentine's Day I have complied a list of some of the moto brands that i'm crushin' on! Read on for more information about rad women creating rad gear for motorcyclists.

1. Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber

Where: New York

What: Women's riding jackets, boots, and accessories.

The ladies at BH&BR could not be any cooler. I was lucky enough to visit the showroom and workshop this winter and it was a great experience. They are amazingly supportive of women in motorcycling and are really generous about helping out in any way that they can. This brand was built by a woman who couldn't ignore the need for more functional and fashionable motorcycle goods for women. Honestly, I am so glad that Leslie, the founder, was the one that decided to step up- because her designs are FIRE. All of their products are well thought out and designed as functional staples for riders.

All of the made-to-order boots are constructed in their factory in New York City. When I visited their show room I also got to take a tour of the factory, which was really amazing! If you aren't sure about your size, they even accept tracings of your feet by mail which ensures that you get the best fitting boot. All of the soles are the brainchild of a collaboration with Vibram (a company who creates performance outsoles) to make their boots extremely durable.

The Karla Jacket (my favorite article of clothing) is a leather jacket designed specifically with female riders in mind. This jacket is the real deal. It has the classic leather motorcycle jacket look and fits like a dream. It features a removable liner, which provides warmth in the winter, and and inner mesh lining with pockets for back, shoulder, and elbow armor!

Click through below to see my personal BH&BR favorites!

(In order from first to last) Loretta Lynn Gloves (ON SALE), Dolly Gloves in White (ON SALE), Adventure Bag (ON SALE), BH&BH White Shop Logo Full Tee, Karla Jacket, BH&BR Socks


Where: California

What: Street, off road, and lifestyle gear.

ATWYLD is a brand started by three ladies looking to fill a void in the motorcycle market. Their website states "Atwyld was created to put a layer between you and the road that is both stylish and functional.". They not only have gear for street riding, they also have a really rad line for off-roading. The best thing about a lot of their their street and off roading gear is that it is made with DuPont™ Kevlar and/or Dyneema Denim.

In the summer I live in my Roadside Jumper, both on and off my bike. It is really comfortable and doesn't ride up when I extend my arms (definite plus). I also wear my Voyager Moto Jeans for longer rides. They have a really lovely stitch detailing on the hips and knees, and come with hip and knee armor that is easy to insert and remove. While I wish that the waist had a slightly higher rise, they are definitely a beautiful pant.

Click through below to see my personal ATWYLD collection!

(In order from first to last) Voyager Moto Jeans, Roadside Jumper (ON SALE), Nice Girls Club Iron On Patch (SOLD OUT)

3. The Fast Women Collective

Where: London

What: Lifestyle

The Fast Women Collective is a fresh brand, established in London in 2018. Their clothes are the perfect blend of classic designs and quirky details. Their brand represents fast women of all kinds - motorcycle, car, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc.

If you know me, you may also know that I am a little bit more than a little bit in love with the shrug emoji ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). So, when I saw on their Instagram story that they had made shrug emoji t-shirts I knew that I needed to have it. The shirt didn't seem to make it to the online shop. So I sent a message over to The Fast Women Collective who said they were only sold in stores. Fortunately they had a few left and sent them over to me in South Korea really promptly. I even got a bonus shrug emoji patch!

Click through below to see some of the items I would love to get my hands on!

(In order from first to last) Fury Leather Pants, Fast Women Tee, WTF FTW Tee.

4. Eudoxie

Where: France

What: Lifestyle

Eudoxie is a brand from France creating whimsical ready-to-wear designs for the female rider. "The idea is to create a rock'n'roll brand for girls who [ride] motorcycles and who crave emancipation. For us Eudoxie is the goddess of independence and freedom.". That is a philosophy statement that I can definitely get behind. The brand just launched their new collection, Burning Heart, and I am dying to get my hands on a few pieces!

Click through below to see what's on my wishlist!

(In order from first to last) Ride Like A Girl Crop Top, Flame Patch, Eudoxie Protective Jacket.

*All images are from the brand's websites unless otherwise noted. Additionally, everything written is based on personal research, experience, and opinions of these brands and products.*


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